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The Columban 2014-15

Editor in Chief

The Columban is the school yearbook for my previous High School St. Columba's
School. Commonly referred to as the school magazine, it consists of 160 pages, cover to cover that encapsulates the complete experience of a
Columban life.
As the Editor In Chief I was supervising over all page designs and content. I had also lent my hand in personally designing a couple of pages in the magazine itself.
the Columban cover mock up.jpg

The Editorial Board

Academic Coordinator

Ritu Pharasi

Editors in Chief

Niranjan R Bharati
Shivam Parashar


Arnav Agarwal (head)
Parth Jain
Aviral Kabra
Sanchit Sharma
Bharat Chopra


Ishaan Watts (head)
Shreyas Sood
Animesh Garg
Jimmy Abraham
Libin George


Saksham Bhargava
Shlok Gupta
Shubhangam Singh


Animesh Garg
Vangmay Jayante
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