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Niranjan R Bharati

Writer. Director. Animator.

... and a lot of other things

I'm a wild horse (or a unicorn if i actually get to choose) who loves to work day in and day out to eventually make myself the best at what I do.

I hope I never have to look back at life and wonder if I could rewrite a part of it, so I take it upon myself to chant "Carpe Diem" before trying to achieve my highly unrealistic goals.

Film and Art isn't just my passion, it has basically become my life force which makes me get up from bed every single morning and makes me fail to go back to bed every single night.

Humour is my escape mechanism and hiding the number 42 in any place I can is my little way of feeling like a Banksy now and then. 

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Flip the Chittrankatha Films logo to find a 42 :P

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