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All stories don't need 'motion' pictures to tell their tales. Sometimes just a still panel or two can speak 1000 words. I have been creating comics ever since I was made to sit through the Science Period back in school. Currently, I have 1 published Comic Book as of 2024.  Be it tales of fantasy, love, academics, politics, LGBTQ, psychology or just a bad pun, everything finds it's way into my little panel of ink. 

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Vichitrasootram Art Cover_edited.jpg

Vichitrasootram - Annual Book 01

The collection of the first 16 months of Vichitrasootram compiled into a physical book, published by Mathrabhumi Books, released in February 2024.

Park In Sun.png

Park In Sun / Vichitrasootram (ongoing)

A monthly 4 page Comic Issue in a Malayalam weekly magazine about a father and sun discussing Philosophy, Life, and all things in between during their early morning walks.



An award-winning Short Story Issue Webtoon about a young independent girl lost in a town void of population.

Fractured Realms.png

Fractured Realms (discontinued)

A fantasy series about a young witch from old London who is warped out of her reality and taken to a strange place with stranger people trying to find their way back home.

Call Me By My Resume.png

Call Me By My Resume (forever ongoing)

My own life summed up into a graphic novel, from me being the nerdy kid in school to dropping out of college to pursue my passion for filmmaking! Also acts as my interactive Resume that keeps getting pages added on after a year.



A single page Comic illustrating the poetry of the great French poet Pierre Riverdy.

History Without The Nail.png

History Without the Nail

A single page Comic illustrating a Biblical retelling of history and art if the everyday man's tool - the nail, was never invented.



A daily comic strip series that ran online for 113 days during the COVID-19 pandemic poking fun of the trapped times the world was in while focusing on a lesbian Indian couple.


The Tale of Aythea

A collaborative Comic Book created by a group of 40 illustrators, everyone sharing 2 pages and a part of the creative writing process.

Dumb Dumb and Designer.png

Dumb, Dumb and Designer

A short single panel series did during college about design and a creative outlook to life.

US Elections 2016.png

U.S. Elections 2016

A short political comic series done during the US Elections of 2016 between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.



A discontinued comic book about a young college boy and his tales of falling in love and getting into a toxic relationship with a peer.

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