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Victoria - AI Powered Library Companion

Design Team

Niranjan R Bharati

Anshuman Dhar

Sree Mahit Munakala

Lipika Gupta


Project Brief

The State Library of Victoria faces a major problem that at any point, the library shelves have only 5% of the Library's entire collection and the users do not have a convenient method to access the digital content. SLV would like their users to explore, discover and use digital items.

Our Goal

In a nutshell


How Might We Design for the Curious, who want to learn something new?

Our Solution

Victoria acts as a personal AI companion throughout your stay in the State Victoria Library. She can connect you to any other visitor at the library as well as various digital tutorials that the Library provides. She will also assist you to any book or papers you wish to find in the library itself.

In the Library, you are provided with a wearable technology system "Alter Ego" that can read your voice through internal vocalization. This helps you talk to Victoria without disrupting the silent library atmosphere.

Victoria Prototype Video Demonstration

Research Paper

Final Research Paper

Complete Project Research Journey

Go to the team blog site to relive the making of Victoria

(Start from the bottom of the blog to the top to follow the research chronologically)

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